Supporting Joyful Literacy & Families as Partners (11/20/18)

FREE Parent Workshop at Teachers College: Supporting Joyful Literacy & Families as Partners (K-5)

Tuesday, November 20th 

9:30AM to 1:30PM


Lucy Calkins, Shanna Schwartz, Alexandra Roman, Natalie Louis, Mary Ehrenworth, Marjorie Martinelli, Emily Smith, and Laurie Pessah

This is a day in which Teachers College opens its door to K-5 families. The day begins with a welcome from the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project’s Founding Director, Lucy Calkins, and then continues as parents are given a schedule that includes three rounds of workshops, with a half a dozen choices for each round. Teachers College Reading & Writing Projects works to ensure that there are enough workshops so you feel there are topics that are exactly right for you, whether you are the parent of a kindergartner or a fifth grader, whether you have questions about how best to help your fourth grader with his writing homework or about how to locate books your first grader can read. Those of you who have children who are just starting off on their school journeys will want to know how children move from pretending to read to actually reading. Others of you, of course, have older children and you have questions about how to support spelling and grammar, or how to prepare for high stakes assessments. And still others of you want some support in terms of how to get your child to love nonfiction or how to help your child write more or how to help your child when you speak another language. Many of you have questions about ways to communicate with your child’s teacher or how you might better understand what your child’s progress reports or reading level really mean. The workshops will be practical. You’ll see examples of student work, watch demonstrations of how you can work with your children at home, see video tapes of classroom instruction in action, and get important tips and suggestions for helping your child. You will come away with a better understanding of literacy instruction as well as how to help your own child. There will be a series of workshops in Spanish for parents who are speakers of Spanish. You’ll also leave with tools you can use to support your child at home as well as suggestions for resources—for great books, for web sites, and for people to reach for your questions.

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