Hugo Newman College Preparatory School – P.S./I.S 180 is located at 370 West 120th Street in the heart of Harlem.  We know that the education of every child begins at home and is a continued partnership between parents, educators and the community.  We are poised and prepared to meet the needs of every child that passes through our doors.  We are a collaborative community of students, teachers and parents working together to ensure that that our children meet their fullest potential.

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We believe in the three “E’s”:

  1. Excellence in teaching and learning; our teachers are committed to professional development and they hone their teaching skills. Our teachers seek new and exciting ways to make their classrooms come alive and to connect learning to real world experiences.  Our students learn that in order to meet the high standards of excellence that is set for them they must work hard, challenge themselves, persevere and always do their best.  Our parents support our vision of excellence through their active engagement and support of their children and the school throughout the school year.


  1. Engagement – we engage our students in well planned active learning experiences that require critical thinking, problem solving and their full participation.


  1. Enrichment – we provide activities that support student interests and the development of smart, creative, well rounded citizens who will contribute to our community and the world.


We prepare our students to be life-long learners who will succeed in college and the career of their choice.

Mathematics – We teach to the NYS Common Core Learning Standards utilizing multiple approaches curriculums and resources: Go Math, Engage New York, Number Talks, Exemplars and Cognitive Guided Instruction.  We have a noted math consultant that works with our teachers throughout the school year to refine their teaching practices.

Literacy – We prepare our students to meet the NYS Common Core Learning Standards in English Language Arts utilizing the Balanced Literacy approach in our classrooms.  Our teachers implement rigorous reading and writing units of study designed by Teacher’s College Reading & Writing Project.  Through our partnership, they provide a Literacy Coach that support teacher development in reading and writing through the school year.

Technology – We have two fully equipped technology labs, Smartboards and computer stations in every classroom.  We have a full time technology teacher/specialist that supports technology and digital literacy learning in our school.

Science – We are growing in our STEM and inquiry learning each year, we have three science labs that support science learning in grades prekindergarten through eighth.  Each year our school comes alive with science learning during the school-wide Science Fair, Science Club and new initiative “FEST” Fair for Engineering Science and Technology.  Project-based inquiry STEM units are now implemented in grades K-5.

Social Studies – Teachers integrate literacy, community service, global learning and field experience in social studies learning throughout the school year.

We have a host of community partnerships that support us in achieving our mission and goals, see below:

  • Ryan Health Center – full health and other services to our students and families
  • Columbia Dental Center – on-site dental services to our students
  • SUNY Optometric Center – on-site eye screening, optometric services and eyeglasses
  • Asphalt Green – recess physical activities and the Waterproofing Program for swim instructionSports & Arts & Schools Foundation – after-school tutoring, arts and sports program
  • Roads to Success – after-school services for early childhood students
  • New York Urban Debate Program – debate lessons and competition for middle school students
  • Midori Music Program – music and instrumental instruction
  • Studio in A School – provide art integration, professional development and instruction