Will my child have homework?

All students will receive homework.  Homework is an extension of the classroom.  Ideally, it is a cooperative partnership between the teacher who develops and assigns the work and the parent who sends their child to school prepared to learn and with the homework complete. In this way, school and home together can maintain high expectations for both academics and behavior.

Homework serves an important service in your child’s school life. It is a means for reviewing the lessons taught in school. Homework is also a way to help your child to develop work and study habits that will assist him/her throughout the years spent in school.

Pre-K students will receive theme-related packets for each unit (approximately every 2-3 months)

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades will receive weekly homework packets on Monday, which are to be returned to school the following Monday.

3rd– 8th grades:

Students will record homework in their daily planners.  Parents are to check the planner daily for assignments and notes.  You can help your child develop some routines that will be of assistance in successfully completing homework assignments.  The following suggestions are offered for this purpose:

  1. Become interested in your child’s homework.  Everyday, ask him/her to show the homework to you before beginning and then, to explain the work after completion.
  2. Remember, that homework is your child’s work-not yours.  You may help your child with his/her homework but do not do it for him/her.
  3. Help your child set a regular time for homework each day and provide him/her a quiet place to work and study where he/she is not distracted by television or other children.
  4. If for some reason your child is unable to complete his/her assigned homework, please send a note to the teacher.

 In the interest of variety and in order to give pupils an opportunity to develop different kinds of skills, not all assignments will necessarily be written assignments. Some will be to read, to interview, to cut out, to collect, to study, to do research, to listen to a particular radio program, or to watch a special TV program.

Homework will help your child grow and develop!