Jaguar of the Month

Jaguar of the Month Celebrations

PS/IS 180 identifies two students per class (Grades 1-8) each month for academic excellence and citizenship. The Jaguar of the Month celebration is conducted the first Thursday of every month in our school’s cafeteria at 1:30 p.m. Each child is selected by his/her teacher based on their academic achievement and/or acts of outstanding citizenship for that month. Academic achievement is defined as student academic growth and class participation for that month. Citizenship is defined as setting a good example with regards to social interaction and decorum throughout the school community. We look forward to seeing your child selected for this honor.

Pre-K + K Shining Star Celebrations

Pre-K and K celebrate the culmination of each theme with a Shining Star Celebration. This celebration is to be used as an incentive to promote students’ self esteem and achievements. Parents and family members are invited to their child’s classroom to witness his/her achievement.
Shining Star celebrations are scheduled for several times per year. Check with your child’s teacher for the dates.

Pre-K Moving Up Ceremony: June Date TBA
K Moving Up Ceremony: June Date TBA